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From "C" to shining "C"

Asia Recipe – Cambodia
Asian Recipes Online – Cambodia
Asian Spicy recipes – Cambodia
Cambodian recipes 1
Cambodian recipes 2
Clay’s Kitchen – Cambodian recipes
Food Down Under – Cambodia
Galanga – Cambodian recipes
Recipe Hound – Cambodian recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Cambodia
Recipezaar – Cambodian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Cambodian recipes
World Health- Cambodian recipes

Cameroon recipes – Cameroon recipes
Tasty Cooking - Cameroon recipes

An Alberta Family Cookbook
All Recipes – Canada
Canadian B&B Hosts Cookbook
Canadian Innkeepers Cookbook
Cooking For Fun - Canada
Food Down Under - Canadian recipes
Food Network Canada
Joyce's Fine Cooking - Canada
Joyce’s Fine Cooking – French Canadian
Lesley’s Recipe Archive – Canadian recipes
Recipes around the world – North America
Recipes Around the World - Canadian Holidays
Recipe Atlas - Canada
Tasty Cooking - Canadian recipes
Word Play - Newfoundland recipes
World Health - Canadian recipes
World Wide Gourmet - Canadian recipes

Cape Verde:
Cape Verdean foods
Cape Verdean recipes 1
Cape Verdean recipes 2
CultureGrams - Cape Verde recipes


Afrocentric Experience – Caribbean recipes
Caribbean Kitchen
Food Down Under – Caribbean recipes
Island Flave – Caribbean recipes
Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Caribbean recipes
Recipes around the world – Central & Latin America
Recipe Atlas – Caribbean
Recipe Goldmine – Caribbean recipes
Steve’s Caribbean Recipes
World Health – Caribbean recipes
World Recipes – Caribbean

Cayman Islands:
Caribbean Choice – Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Restaurants recipes

Central African Republic: - Central African recipes
Tasty Cooking - Central African Republic recipes

Central America:
Central American Dessert recipes
World Health – Aztec recipes
World Health- Central American recipes

Chadian recipes
Satya – Recipes from Chad
Tasty Cooking - Chad recipes

Astray - Chilean recipes
Chilean recipes 1
Cooking For Fun - Chilean recipes
Food Down Under – Chilean recipes
Recipe Hound – Chilean recipes
RecipeZaar – Chilean recipes
Tasty Cooking - Chilean recipes
World Health- Chilean recipes
World Wide Gourmet - Chilean recipes

Asian Recipes Online – China
Asian Spicy Recipes – China
Astray - Chinese recipes
Carnegie Mellon Univ. - Chinese recipes 1
Carnegie Mellon Univ. - Chinese recipes 2
Chinatown online – recipes
Chinese New Year recipes
Chinese Nice Food – recipes
Chinese recipes - Canton
Chinese recipes - Peking
Chinese recipes - Shanghai
Chinese recipes – Szechuan
Cooking For Fun - China
Food Down Under – Cantonese recipes
Food Down Under – Chinese recipes
Food Down Under – Szechuan recipes
Global Gourmet – Chinese recipes
Index-China – recipes
International - Chinese recipes
Little Ma’s Recipe Corner
Recipes around the world – China
Recipe Atlas – China
Recipe Source – Chinese recipes
Stuarts Chinese recipes
Tasty Cooking - Chinese recipes
Wok with Me – Chinese recipes
World Health- Chinese recipes
World Health- Dim Sum recipes
World Recipes – China

Columbian recipes 1
Columbian recipes 2
Recipe Atlas – Columbia
Recipe Source – Columbian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Colombian recipes

Tasty Cooking - Comoros recipes

RecipeZaar – Congolese recipes
Tasty Cooking - Congolese recipes
Worldwide Cookbook - Congo

Congo Republic (Brazzaville):
Tasty Cooking - Congo Republic recipes

Costa Rica:
Costa Rican coffee recipes
Costa Rican recipes 1
Costa Rican recipes 2
Food Down Under – Costa Rican recipes
Global Gourmet – Costa Rican recipes
Lloyd's Home Page – Costa Rican recipes
Pura Vida! – Costa Rican recipes
RecipeZaar – Costa Rican recipes
Tasty Cooking – Costa Rican recipes
World Recipes – Costa Rica

Cote D’Ivoire:
Africa Guide – Ivorian recipes – Ivorian recipes – Ivorian recipes
Ivorian Cookbook
Ivorian recipes
Ivorian recipes (in French)
Recipe Hound – Ivory Coast recipes
Tasty Cooking - cote d’Ivoire recipes

Balkan Web – Croatian recipes
Best of Croatian
Christmas in Croatia – recipes – recipes
Croatian Cookies
Croatian Mall – recipes
Croatian recipes 1
Croatian recipes 2 – Croatian recipes
Dalmatian Kitchen
Food Down Under – Croatian recipes
Gourmed - Croatian recipes
Perfect Entertaining – Croatian recipes
Recipe Atlas – Croatia
Recipe Source – Croatia
RecipeZaar – Croatian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Croatian recipes
Univ. of Pitt – Slavic studies – Croatian recipes
Visit – recipes
World Wide Gourmet – Croatia

Caribbean Choice – Cuba
Cuba Heritage – recipes
Cuban Christmas
Cuban Food Market – recipes
Cuban recipes 1
Cuban recipes 2 – Cuban recipes
Food Down Under – Cuban recipes
Island Flave – Cuban recipes
Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Cuban
Mayra L. Dole – Cuban recipes
RecipeZaar – Cuban recipes
Taste of Cuba 1
Taste of Cuba 2
Tasty Cooking - Cuban recipes
Three Guys from Miami – Cuban recipes (Scroll to bottom of page)
World Health- Cuban recipes

Cyprus: – Cypriot recipes
Gourmed - Cyprian recipes
Recipe Hound – Cyprus
Taste Cyprus
Tasty Cooking - Cyprus recipes
World Wide Gourmet – Cyprus

Czech Republic:
Czech recipes 1
Czech recipes 2
Czech recipes 3 recipes
Eleanor’s Kitchen – Czech recipes
Food Down Under – Czech recipes
Little Prague – recipes
Polehna’s Real Czech recipes
Recipe Atlas – Czech Republic
Recipe Hound – Czech recipes
Recipe Source – Czech
Tasty Cooking - Czech recipes
World Health- Czech recipes

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