Friday, July 21, 2006

"S" St. Kitts to Syria

Saint Kitts and Nevis:
Caribbean Choice – St. Kitts and Nevis recipes
St. Kitts & Nevis Recipes

Saint Lucia:
Caribbean Choice – St. Lucia
St. Lucia - recipes

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:
Caribbean Choice – St. Vincent and the Grenadines
West Indies Food and recipes

Ancient Samoan Cooking
The Samoan Kitchen
Tasty Cooking - Samoan recipes

Saudi Arabia:
In Mama’s Kitchen – Saudi recipes
Recipezaar – Saudi recipes
Saudi Embassy – Recipes 1
Saudi Embassy – Recipes 2
Saudi Recipes
Tasty Cooking - Saudi Arabian recipes
Scotland (See United Kingdom)
RecipeLand - Senegal
Senegalese recipes
Tasty Cooking - Senegalese recipes
Univ. of Penn – Center for African Studies
Worldwide Cookbook - Senegal

Serbia and Montenegro:
Cooking For Fun - Yugoslavian recipes
Food Down Under – Serbian recipes
Gourmed - Serbian recipes
Serbian Goulash
Tasty Cooking - Serbia Montenegro (Yugoslavia) recipes

Air Seychelles
Tasty Cooking - Seychelles recipes

Sierra Leone:

Asian Spicy Recipes – Singapore
Cooking For Fun - Singapore recipes
Recipes of Singapore
Recipe Atlas – Singapore
Tasty Cooking - Singapore recipes


Culinary Slovenia - recipes
Gourmed - Slovenian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Slovakian recipes

Solomon Islands:
Tasty Cooking - Solomon Islands recipes

Tasty Cooking - Somalia recipes

South Africa:

Tasty Cooking - South African recipes World Health- South African recipes

South America:
Food Down Under – South American recipes
World Health- South American recipes

Arielle’s recipes – Spain
Astray - Spanish recipes
Basque Recipes
Brother Rice Jr. High School – Spanish recipes
Cooking For Fun - Spanish recipes
Gourmed - Spanish recipes
International - Spanish recipes
Favorite Food Recipes from Spain
Food Down Under – Basque recipes
Food Down Under – Spanish recipes
Recipe Atlas – Basque
Recipe Atlas – Spain
Recipes 4 Us - Spain
World Health- Spanish recipes

Sri Lanka:
Asian Recipes Online – Sri Lanka
Asia Spicy Recipes – Sri Lanka
Food Down Under – Sri Lankan recipes
Sri Lankan recipes
Tasty Cooking - Sri Lankan recipes
World Health- Sri Lankan recipes

Sudanese recipes
Tasty Cooking - Sudanese recipes


Caribbean Choice – Suriname

Swaziland recipes

Astray - Swedish recipes
Brother Rice Jr. High School – Swedish recipes
Cooking For Fun - Swedish recipes
Earthy Family – Swedish recipes
Food Down Under – Swedish recipes
Recipe Atlas – Sweden
World Recipes – Sweden

Brother Rice Jr. High School – Swiss recipes
Food Down Under – Swiss recipes
Food in Switzerland
International - Swiss recipes
Recipe Atlas – Switzerland
Tasty Cooking - Swiss recipes World Health- Swiss recipes

Gourmed Syrian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Syrian recipes

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

O to R - Oman to Rwanda


An Omani Kitchen
Tasty Cooking - Omani recipes

Asian Recipes Online – Pakistan
Asian Spicy Recipes – Pakistan
Pakistani recipes 1
Pakistani recipes 2
Recipes 4 Us – Pakistan
Tasty Cooking - Pakistani recipes

International - Panamaian recipes
Lloyd's Recipes from Panama
Panama Living – recipes
Plantain recipes from Panama
Tasty Cooking - Panamanian recipes

Papua New Guinea:
Tasty Cooking - Papua New Guinea recipes

Paraguayan Recipes
Tasty Cooking - Paraguay recipes

Astray - Peruvian recipes
Clay’s Cookbook – Peruvian recipes
Earthy Family – Peruvian recipes
Food Down Under – Peruvian recipes
International - Peruvian recipes
Peruvian Recipes 1
Peruvian recipes 2
Recipes 4 Us – Peru
Recipe Atlas – Peru
Tasty Cooking - Peru recipes World Health- Peruvian recipes

Asian Recipes Online – Philippines
Asian Spicy Recipes – Philippines
Astray - Filipino recipes
Cooking For Fun - Filipino recipes
Food Down Under – Filipino recipes
Recipe Atlas – Philippines
Recipe Goldmine - Filipino recipes
Tasty Cooking - Filipino recipes

Astray - Polish recipes
Brother Rice Jr. High School – Polish recipes
Cooking For Fun - Polish recipes
Food Down Under – Polish recipes
Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Polish recipes
New - recipes
Polish Recipes
Recipe Atlas – Poland
Recipes 4 Us – Poland
Tasty Cooking - Polish recipes World Health- Polish recipes
World Recipes – Poland

Arielle’s recipes – Portugal
Brother Rice Jr. High School - Portuguese recipes
Food Down Under – Portuguese recipes
International - Portuguese recipes
Portuguese Cooking
Portuguese Recipes
Recipe Atlas – Portugal
Recipes 4 Us – Portugal
Tasty Cooking - Portuguese recipes World Health- Portuguese recipes
World Recipes – Portugal

Puerto Rico:
Lloyd's Home Page - Recipes from Puerto Rico
World Health- Puerto Rican recipes
Caribbean Choice – Puerto Rico
Tasty Cooking - Puerto Rican recipes

Food Down Under – Romanian recipes
Recipe Atlas – Romania
Romanian Recipes 1
Romanian recipes 2
Tasty Cooking - Romanian recipes World Health- Romanian recipes

Recipe Goldmine - Russia
Brother Rice Jr. High School – Russian recipes
Cooking For Fun - Russian recipes
Cookery Art – Russia
Food Down Under – Russian recipes
Recipe Atlas – Russia
Recipes 4 Us – Russia
Russian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Russian recipes World Health- Russian recipes
World Recipes – Russia

Tasty Cooking - Rwandan recipes Worldwide Cookbook – Rwanda

Friday, December 02, 2005

"M" - Macedonia to Myanmar

Balkan Web – Macedonian recipes – Macedonian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Macedonian recipes

Tasty Cooking - Macau recipes

Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Madagascar food
Tasty Cooking - Madagascar recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Madagascar

Abwenzi African Studies – Malawi food
Africa Guide – Malawian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Malawi recipes

Asian Recipes Online – Malaysia
Asian Spicy Recipes – Malaysia
Cooking For Fun - Malaysian recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Malaysia
Spicy Steve – Malaysian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Malaysian recipes World Health- Malaysian recipes

Maldivian Cuisine
Tasty Cooking - Maldives recipes

Mali recipes
Tasty Cooking - Mali recipes

Malta recipes
Tasty Cooking - Malta recipes

Marshall Islands:
Tasty Cooking - Marshall Islands recipes

Caribbean Choice – Martinique

Mauritius Australian Connection – recipes
Mauritius recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Mauritius
Tasty Cooking - Mauritius recipes

Medieval Europe:
Arielle’s recipes – Medieval Europe
Arielle’s recipes – Medieval Saxon

Gourmed - Mediterranean recipes

Astray - Mexican recipes
Clay’s Cookbook – Mexican recipes
Cooking For Fun - Mexican recipes
Food Down Under – Mexican recipes
International - Mexican recipes
Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Mexican recipes
Mexican recipes
Mexico Connect – recipes – Mexican recipes
Recipe Atlas – Mexico
Recipes 4 Us – Mexico
Tasty Cooking – Mexican recipes
World Health- Mexican recipes
World Recipes – Mexico

Middle East:
Arabic – recipes
Al Mashriq - Arab recipes
Arielle’s recipes – Middle East
Astray - Persian recipes
Food Down Under – Middle Eastern recipes
Food in the Arab World
Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Middle East Recipes
Modesto Foods - Assyrian recipes
Recipes around the world – Greece & Middle East
Recipe Atlas – Middle East - Middle East recipes
World Health- Middle East recipes
World Recipes – Middle East

Moldovan Cuisine

Tasty Cooking - Monaco recipes

Absolute Cooking – Mongolian recipes
Food Down Under – Mongolian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Mongolian recipes

Astray - Moroccan recipes
Clay’s Cookbook – Moroccan recipes
Food Down Under – Moroccan recipes
Gourmed - Moroccan recipes
International - Moroccan recipes
Moroccan recipes
Recipe Atlas – Morocco
Recipes 4 Us – Morocco
Tasty Cooking - Morocco recipes Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Moroccan food
World Health- Moroccan recipes
World Recipes – Morocco

Univ. of Penn Center for African studies – Mozambique recipes
Tasty Cooking - Mozambique recipes

Myanmar (Burma):
Asia – Burmese recipes
Asian Recipes Online – Burma
Asian Spicy Recipes
Food Down Under – Burmese recipes
Innwa Kitchen – Burmese recipes – recipes
Myanmar Dot Com – recipes – recipes
Nagani – Burmese recipes
Recipe Atlas – Myanmar
Recipes 4 Us – Myanmar
Tasty Cooking - Burmese recipes
World Health – Burmese recipes

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