Friday, July 15, 2005

The 'A's are complete

Here are the newest additions to the countries I've already added (Afghanistan to Algeria) as well as all of the other countries (or regions) that I could find. If you find a dead link, please let me know. I'd also be intereted in any links you find that I can add. Enjoy!

New additions for:

Tasty Cooking - Albanian recipes

Tasty Cooking - Algerian recipes

Newly added countries and regions -
Tasty Cooking - Andorran recipes

Angolan Embassy in Canada
Angolan Embassy in the UK
Recipezaar – Angolan recipes
Worldwide cookbook – Angola
Caribbean Choice – Anguilla
Island Dream Prop. – Anguilla recipes

Antigua and Barbuda:
Caribbean Choice – Recipes
Tasty Cooking - Antigua & Barbuda recipes

Argentinean recipes 1
Argentinean recipes 2
Cookery Art – Argentina
Global Gourmet – Argentina
International - Argentinean recipes
Recipe Source – Argentinean recipes

Recipe Hound – Argentina
Recipes by Poncho
Recipes la Pampa – Argentine recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Argentina
Tasty Cooking - Argentinean recipes
World Recipes – Argentina
World Wide Gourmet - Argentinean recipes

Adventures in Armenian cooking
Armenian recipes
Cookery Art – Armenia
Food Down Under – Armenian recipes
The Gutsy Gourmet - Armenia
Recipe Source - Armenia
Cooking For Fun – Armenia
Tasty Cooking - Armenian recipes
World Health - Armenian recipes

Caribbean Choice – Aruba
Local Aruban recipes
Visit Aruba - recipes

World Health - Asian recipes

Australia: (see also New Zealand)
Australian Chefs recipes
Chow Down…Down Under
Epicentre – Australian recipes
Food Down Under – Australian recipes
Global Gourmet - Australian recipes
Good Aussie Tucker
International - Australian recipes
Joyce’s Fine Cooking
Kavenga Publishing - Australian recipes
Kids Down Under – recipes
Melting Pot - Australian recipes
Recipe Source – Australian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Australian recipes
World Health – Australian recipes

About Austria - recipes
Actilingua Academy - Viennese recipes
Austrian Specialties - recipes
Cookery Art – Austria
Cooking for fun - Austria
Global Gourmet - Austrian recipes
International - Austrian recipes
Net Beer – Austrian recipes
Recipe Source - Austria
Sally’s Place – Austrian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Austrian recipes
World Health - Austrian recipes
World Wide Gourmet - Austria

Azerbaijan International - recipes
Azerbaijan tourism - cooking
Azeri recipes 1
Azeri recipes 2
Baku pages - Azeri recipes
Russian in US - Azeri recipes
Russian Foods - Azeri recipes
Tasty Cooking - Azerbaijan recipes


Farid Zadi said...

Hi there,

The Algeria links don't work.

I have an Algerian cooking blog, photos lots of recipes.

Thank you.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Thanks for letting me know, I removed one link that was no longer any good and fixed the other.

When I finish the alphabet, I'll go back and add your link to my list.

Scott said...

Hello! Great list. It looks like you are forgetting to put http:// in front of some your links. The http:// needs to be there, otherwise it assumes that the link is part of your website (otherwise known as a relative URL). To link outside your website, you always need the http:// part of the URL (web address). Most of your links will start working if you add the http:// to the front if it.

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