Friday, December 02, 2005

"M" - Macedonia to Myanmar

Balkan Web – Macedonian recipes – Macedonian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Macedonian recipes

Tasty Cooking - Macau recipes

Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Madagascar food
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Abwenzi African Studies – Malawi food
Africa Guide – Malawian recipes
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Asian Recipes Online – Malaysia
Asian Spicy Recipes – Malaysia
Cooking For Fun - Malaysian recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Malaysia
Spicy Steve – Malaysian recipes
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Maldivian Cuisine
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Mali recipes
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Malta recipes
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Marshall Islands:
Tasty Cooking - Marshall Islands recipes

Caribbean Choice – Martinique

Mauritius Australian Connection – recipes
Mauritius recipes
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Medieval Europe:
Arielle’s recipes – Medieval Europe
Arielle’s recipes – Medieval Saxon

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Astray - Mexican recipes
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Mexican recipes
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Middle East:
Arabic – recipes
Al Mashriq - Arab recipes
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Food in the Arab World
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Modesto Foods - Assyrian recipes
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Moldovan Cuisine

Tasty Cooking - Monaco recipes

Absolute Cooking – Mongolian recipes
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Astray - Moroccan recipes
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Moroccan recipes
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Univ. of Penn Center for African studies – Mozambique recipes
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Myanmar (Burma):
Asia – Burmese recipes
Asian Recipes Online – Burma
Asian Spicy Recipes
Food Down Under – Burmese recipes
Innwa Kitchen – Burmese recipes – recipes
Myanmar Dot Com – recipes – recipes
Nagani – Burmese recipes
Recipe Atlas – Myanmar
Recipes 4 Us – Myanmar
Tasty Cooking - Burmese recipes
World Health – Burmese recipes


Kalyn said...

Hey, I really like your blog so I hope you regard this as just an attempt to be helpful. I wanted to let you know that the link for Macau is wrong. I was interested because I went there, but when I clicked it, it took me to Macedonian recipes.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Thanks, it's been fixed.

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